TN9 Wiki Project - Created by Prof. John Plummer


This wiki exists for my TN9 group starting the first half of the year 2011 at CCAA. Here I'll add some stuff for the TN9 course or you guys can add stuff yourselves.

What is a wiki?

A wiki (sometimes wiki wiki) is a piece of software that allows multiple authors to edit web page content. Ward Cunningham originally described a wiki as "the simplest online database that could possibly work". Wikipedia is one of the best known wikis.

Why should we try using a Wiki?

We will try to use this wiki to collect information to help other students from TN9 groups with their grammar, vocabulary, exercises, etc.

I'll add some stuff here for the lessons from the book and students should feel free to edit the pages and add stuff they think will help other students in their TN9 groups so that you guys end up helping each other. If you need pages adding, let me know. If you see mistakes in any of the pages please change them but be careful when editing other peoples additions or pages.


The Quizlet site contains exercises for learning and remembering vocabulary and definitions. It works in a similar way to flashcards only they are online instead of cardboard sheets. You can follow the link below to find a page with links for the TN9 lesson flashcard vocabulary exercises


Wordnik is a site that is more than an online dictionary, it tries to provide as much information about vocabulary as possible. Apart from giving definitions for words, it also tried to provide example sentences, related words, synonyms, antonyms, images, statistics, as well as audio pronunciation, as well as allowing users to provide additional comments. Click the link below to find a page with links for the TN9 lessons

Cockney English

Lesson 97s filling in is all about London and here is some information about Cockney rhyming slang (or Cockney English). It has a link to a Quizlet exercise too, just for fun.

Useful Lesson Links

I added a page with links to websites with information about some of the topics and products from some of the lessons from the TN9 course. lesson links

USA Snapshots

Throughout the CCAA course there are always pages containing statistics from USA Snapshots. Below are links to the Snapshots homepage, which contains a different snapshot each day (Monday through Friday), as well as a link to a back archive page. - Offical webpage - Snapshots back archive

About editing pages

I added a small section about editing pages here for you guys to read. also you can click on help at the top of the pages and search though there or ask me about any problems either by email, Msn Messenger or in our classes.

New Stuff

I uploaded a map of the London Underground and added a link in the Useful Lesson Links